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Benefactors / Donors

Kyriakos Iacovou Hadjikoumis (Koumides)
Kyriakos Hadjikoumis was born in 1885 in Agios Theodoros Larnakas and passed away in 1949, leaving behind considerable work at his place of origin. He attended the primary school of Agios Theodoros and later on the Gymnasium of Lemesos. He then studied at the “Rousopoulou” Academy and the “Portici” School of Italy. The expenses for his studies were covered by his grandfather, Kyriakos Hadjikoumis, who, according to Papageorgiou, was the notable of the village also known by the nickname “Tzirkakoudin” or as the “chapman of Agios Theodoros”. Once he had completed his studies, Kyriakos Hadjikoumis dealt with trade and agriculture. In fact, he also served as president of the community, as school steward, as well as a church commissioner. 

One of the most important benefits offered by Hadjikoumis was the building of the Boys’ School which cost £400, as well as the concession of a residence to house the Girls’ School.


Georgios Hadjistylianou

Georgios Hadjistylianou was born in 1868 in our village and passed away in 1942. He is considered to be one of the most important benefactors of our community in the field of education. 

He attended the Primary School of the community and then the Greek School of Lemesos. He served as a teacher in the village for four years, whereas later on he worked as secretary of the commercial activities of Hadjikoumis who was his uncle. Next, he established his own trade business. He served as president of the community, as school steward, as church commissioner and as a member of the district educational committee. 

Thanks to Hadjistylianou, Agios Theodoros Larnakas acquired the school building which housed the Girls’ School and which today houses the State Nursery School. More specifically, Hadjistylianou offered £370 for the construction of this school building which was named after the benefactor.  

Hadjistylianou also contributed to the channelling of water towards the Larnaka Hospital by paying £50 at first and also by offering an annual subscription.


*Costas Papageorgiou, Agios Theodoros of Larnaka, The gift of Pentaschoinos, Cyprus 2009

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