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Agios Theodoros in Larnaka is one of the villages in Cyprus that attracts a growing number of visitors, especially Cypriots. The beach, the landscape with its morphological peculiarities, the citrus-fruits produced in the area, the private park offering a great exhibition of different kinds of birds, the luxurious houses, the coffee-shops, help tourism flourish in the area. According to the president of the community council, the climatic progress of tourism coincides with the residential development noted, particularly on the coast.

The beach, which is only 6 kilometres away from the village is the main attraction for tourists and it is therefore being constantly developed. A lot of Cypriots are buying land on the coast and are building houses viewing the Mediterranean. The private sector has taken on the construction of mansions as well as apartments so as to provide accommodation for the numerous visitors of the village.

In contrast to the development on the beach, the residential development in the village is following a sluggish rate, and this is owed to the difficulty of buying land, as the president notes. Namely, the inhabitants do not sell their land easily, as they are sentimentally attached to it.

The growing rate of tourists, has led to creation as well as renovation, covering thus the need for amusement, eating and drinking. Particularly, three restaurants are situated on the road connecting Agios Theodoros with Zygi and Mazotos, all three offering flavoursome Cypriot food. The village itself, has a lot of traditional small tavernas (local small restaurants) in its centre, near the time-honoured houses.

The private park offering an exhibition of birds is a major attraction for the tourists. Consequently, Agios Theodoros is one of the developing villages of Cyprus, because of its natural beauty as well as its multiple housing and amusement probabilities. Tourist and residential development follow a growing rate, which is expected to peak over the next few years.

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President of the Community Council, Mr. Lazaros Pieris

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