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Olive-Tree Cultivations: It constitutes one of the main cultivations of Agios Theodoros, something which is evident by the plethora of olive trees in the area. The preparation of the ground, the pruning of the trees and the harvest are some of the basic tasks of the olive cultivators of Agios Theodoros. These olive trees produce table olives and olive oil, products which are traded quite often. 

Citrus Fruit Cultivations: The dominant cultivation in Agios Theodoros is that of citrus fruit. At the valleys of Pentaschoinos, farmers cultivate citrus fruit such as oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruit. More 

Cultivation of garden products: The cultivation of garden products is conducted both in greenhouses and outdoors. In Agios Theodoros, the production of garden products in greenhouses began in the recent years. 

Potato Cultivation: The cultivation of potatoes is limited since, as Papageorgiou explains, it only aims at covering the needs of the residents.

Grain Cultivations: Several farmers of Agios Theodoros have been dealing with the cultivation and the harvesting of grains from the old years up until today. Nowadays, grain cultivation is assisted by the proper machineries but it is not as developed as the other cultivations. According to Papageorgiou, this fact is related to the construction of the water dam of ‘Dipotamos-Pentaschoinos’ which allowed the farmers to get involved with other cultivations as well.

Carob Cultivation: Carobs, which were known in the past as the black gold of Cyprus, do not constitute an important cultivation nowadays. Although there are still several carob trees in the area of Agios Theodoros, there is no interest in harvesting the carobs since this is not considered profitable. The traditional way of collecting carobs is the so called ‘vaklisma’, meaning the caning of the trees with a stick so that the carob will fall to the ground.

Costas Papageorgiou, Agios Theodoros Larnacas, ‘To doro tou Pentaschoinou’, Cyprus 2009

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