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Church of Agios Theodoros

On your way to the onshore, picturesque village of Agios Theodoros in the district of Larnaka, which lies on the Pentasxino riverbank, you come across the central church dedicated to Agios Theodoros. It is built in the centre of the village, in the basilica style. It is dome-shaped and it is not very old. The church’s reconstruction began in 1957 and was completed in 1969. At the time, reconstructing a church was not an easy task and the money made available for this task was not much. In the exact same location where this church was built, there used to be an old church built in the 17th or 18th century. This was a Gothic Church but it was about to collapse and so it was decided that it would be better to knock it down. To raise money for the building of the new church the iconostasis together with the icons of Saint John and John the Baptist were sold to the Staurovouni Monastery. These icons were made in 1851-52.

The new church of Agios Theodoros is made out of stone and it is painted white. The parvis is big and the floor is paved with slabs. The belfry is built at the west side of the church. It is very tall and has an electronic bell. 

Internally, the church was recently painted with frescoes. At the sanctuary, there is a fresco depicting Virgin Mary Platytera and another one depicting the burning bush along with frescoes depicting several Saints. All expenses are covered by donations from the community. 

The church’s iconostasis is made out of walnut-wood and is uniquely engraved. It was recently constructed (1980). It has three portals, the so-called “Orea Pili” meaning beautiful portal in Greek, the northern (right) portal and the southern (left) portal. Most of the icons are new but there are three old ones, made in 1851-52, depicting Virgin Mary, Christ and Saint Chalalambos. There is a narrower cincture above the iconostasis with miniature-icons depicting fourteen Saints. The church’s Psalters and the despot’s throne are made of wood.

The women’s loft is built in the shape of an amphitheatre and allows people to attend the service in devotion. 

Agios Theodoros Tyronos is celebrated on the 17th of February. The eparch of Kitio is present at the celebrations and the procession of the Saint’s icon takes place on that day.

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