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Chapel of Agios Athanasios

On the south side of the village, the chapel of Agios Athanasios was built during the 7th century. According to tradition, it was built in the Byzantine style. Externally, it was built out of stone and there were frescoes decorating the inside walls. Today only the ruins of the chapel remain. 

The Department of Antiquities had made some excavations in 2004 and had found the Saint’s tomb. However, instead of finding the Saint’s relic they found animal bones. This suggests that those who found the Saint’s relic had replaced it with animal bones.

Under the chapel’s floor, there are two mounds covered by plastered slates. Among the ruins, a chapiter was found which has a four-line inscription on it. According to tradition, two holes in the church’s floor lead to an underground tunnel, which was used as an emergency exit since its end, lead you to the sea.

There is no evidence about whether Agios Athanasios was a prelate, a martyr or a blessed person. The most prevalent story claims that he was a pillar Saint. After realising that the world he was living in was a vain and transient world where pain dominated, he decided to isolate himself in an area near the Pentasxino River. His faith resulted in his blessing by the Holy Spirit; he was blessed with the ability to cure diseases. Miracles continued to happen even after his dormition and that is why people decided to built and dedicate a church to him.

Agios Athanasios is celebrated by the Agios Theodoros community on the 10th of July, the day his icon’s procession takes place

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