The Community Council of Agios Theodoros, within its effort for improvement of the living standard of its people, has completed numerous infrastructure and revamp projects.  

Some of them are:
  1. The road connecting Agios Theodoros with the beach is now an asphalt roadway.
  2. Roads connecting the beach with other destinations are now asphalt roadways.
  3. The riverbed has been revamped.
  4. Several buildings, such as offices for the community council, a surgery (doctor’s office), a pharmacy, a library and a post office, have been constructed in order to fulfil community needs.
  5. An open-air site for all kinds of events has been built.
  6. Several roads have been paved with stones.
  7. Repair of the old and new Turkish-Cypriot school buildings.
  8. Naming of Streets.
  9. Construction of a view spot on Keryneias Street
  10. Upgrade and beautification at the entrance of the community.
  11. Composition of a book about the community
  12. Construction of a new cemetery
  13. Supply of water to the community by constructing a new 500 tonne water tank.
  14. Infrastructure works for the protection of the beach from corrosion.
  15. Creation of an official website.
  16. Basketball court
  17. Creation of a playground on the beach (government land).